Our team at Jeffmont Golf Studio,  will assist you with golf instruction, analysis , custom-fitting, swing training & development, equipment, options & suggestions and any other inquiries you may have, by appointment.  Call today and

"We will dial you in!"

What to expect?

When you book a Trackman Lesson at our indoor facility, we start by measuring your unique physical dimensional build with a patented algorithm/dimensional fitting system.  After we exact your true fit, we examine and address your current equipment.  If your equipment is off the mark, we will lend you clubs that fit for your appointment.  Let us know in advance, if you are a left handed player.  Next, we discuss, experiment and develop your swing with three essential golf swing  ingredients:  Balance, Power and Contact.  We will also provide you with learning tools which help discover the answers you are seeking regarding the golf swing.  Throughout this process our team will be gathering information and data from video and Trackman Golf to dial in your swing and best equipment options.  Please, email or call (206)755-8943 to book a Trackman Lesson.

What to know?

We respect and acknowledge  every individual's unique build and abilities.  Look at Professional Golf Tours, not every player's stock golf swing is the same nor is every player the same build.  But their golf clubs fit them.  Therefore, we have researched and developed the resources,  knowledge and equipment to custom-fit and cater golf instruction to your specific and current needs just like the pros.


Every golf company has their own idea of what "standard length" is.  Most golf superstores, who claim to custom-fit you, use Ping's "Color Code Chart."  Most golf enthusiasts are unaware that Ping's standard length is generally longer than other manufacturer's standard length.  Hence, Ping's fitting system works, if you buy Ping.  Ping also only measures overall height and lead wrist distance to the ground.  

Basically, there is no standard length; you are the "standard" and the length built to you.


We build your clubs based on your unique dimensions and abilities.  Jeffmont's patented fitting system is Universal to all manufacturers.  Jeffmont's state of the art patented fitting system measures:  wingspan, torso, inseam, hand and finger lengths, shoulder posture, waist, girth and overall height plus a few other proprietary measures. We build custom clubs tailored to you.  

Appointment Contact:

Martin Gonzales (206) 755-8943

Martin provides your lessons at UW and works with the team at Jeffmont.  

Located on Beacon Ave and UW Golf Range

4868 Beacon Ave S, Seattle

- Directions to UW Golf Range 4209 Mary Gates Memorial Dr. NE Seattle, WA 98195 Take 45th or Montlake Blvd NE, turn right at Mary Gates Memorial Dr NE, turn right on NE Clark Rd, follow road to a parking lot adjacent to the driving range entrance. P

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